Ho-Ho Trip to South India

Hot sweaty afternoons, humid tropical weather at its peak; no sign of rains and hence no respite for the traveler. This is what defined my travel plan for a long time. Everyone around told me that this trip was planned at the wrong time of the year. I asked myself if these reasons are sufficient to suspend the plan. Well, good enough but not sufficient enough. The brain presumed difficulty but the heart still longed for the trip. And in this process the challenge was accepted. Like the silver lining of the dark cloud, I saw the positive light; whether hot or not, it would certainly be not very touristy. Hence, I packed my bags for a 3 weeks long travel in southern India in the month of April 2016. Not surprising at all, 2016 has been the year of record breaking and nerve wrecking heat. No one realized until the rains showed no mercy. But what finally defined my travel plan were a series of events that shaped it up just perfect.

First in the series were my event partners. I planned this travel with two of my other friends who I had met pretty recently on my other travels in the country. One of them is a cycling buddy(Deepu) and the other one quite astonishingly happens to be my doppelganger. (Yes! I am one of those rare ones who have actually lived this theory).

The second was the ‘hoppipola’ effect that we brilliantly added to this trip. The fact that we not only hopped places, we even hopped friends on our way. It was exciting how not everyone knew everyone and yet we were pulled in together for the sheer love for travel.

Third and the most enjoyable was our share of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, exclusive to Nikita (doppelganger) and me, because of which we detailed out the minutest intricacies of our plan and quite literally laid out everything on paper. In our imagination, many a times we had lived this dream before actually executing it. And guess what, the plan worked out!

Pricked by the sun and drenched in the sweat, we hopped on and hopped off quite often and ticked off several destinations from our wish list. It all started from the southernmost tip of India and ended in the Silicon Valley, Bangalore; at a place called Majestic, aptly describing our feeling for what we witnessed all this while.

A concoction of jackfruits and fish curries, express trains and backwater boats, rain forests and secluded beaches, luxury hotels and shady shacks, we embraced everything and everything embraced us.

This HOHO chapter of our lives, presented through a series of articles will take you to some touristy as well as hippie destinations. Check out our hopping itinerary and figure out a travel plan that fits into your time sheet.

Here is the link to our travel map.

South India Trip 2016

est The Route Map

To read about selected hops, click on the following links:

Trivandrum → Kanyakumari → Alleppey → Kochi → Agumbe → GokarnaHampi → Mysuru → Bangaluru

P.S. The credits for photography displayed on this page and the 5 other related posts goes to my two very special friends – Deepu Shibu and Nequesta Vhora. While I was lazily posing here and there, they were the ones who persistently fiddled with the camera to make our memories worthwhile. My heart goes out to them 🙂