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Breathe…. and balance!

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November of 17th, 2016, for ever got registered as the day of my headstand. Sirsasana, the king of asanas as they may call it, the inverted asana that not only demands your complete attention but also needs you to conquer your fears, the one that entrusts in you enough power, boosts your confidence and tightens your hold on your practice of yoga asanas, all of this was attained in my regular practice of yoga on that very day. Reaching this milestone in my practice was an outcome of precisely seven months of patience, perseverance and practice, in that particular order.

My instant reaction to this was almost losing control on my breath making it difficult to hold the position for long. That feeling of what just happened was so unbelievable that I had to gather tremendous energy to stay focused on my action. And I did. For the next 45 seconds, I did it.

What this essentially means is that now I have completed my sequence of 12 basic asanas. I wouldn’t be dying without standing upside down at least once in my life. I practice what I preach. My teacher training course in Yoga has fully yielded now. For those who know me well, also know what it meant to me. I am full of gratitude and feel blessed by my gurus who would gave me immense positivity to make this happen for myself.

Though headstand in itself is no milestone in your practice of yoga (there are no milestones, you just do what you can!), but advancing the practice is a huge feel good factor in itself. Just like me, there are many out there who are motivated to advance their practice but are reluctant to give up on their psychology. Hence, the practice of sirsasana becomes a must in letting go of your fears.

If I go back to my days when I constantly struggled for the posture, I see that it made me angry on myself, there were even days when I have trusted others more than me to reach there but all of it seems irrelevant today. There is a certain level of calm that should come from within, the energy should be positive and the time has to be right. Nothing happens before the right time. Losing patience is perhaps the biggest mistake that I have learnt from. After many trials and failures I did realize the hard fact that good things come to those who wait. From then on, I waited. I waited but I didn’t give up. Of course, I lost my patience time and again but on one given day calm took upon me and what a delightful day it was.

The consistency in practice gives me an empowerment that I can make my practice stronger and better. One small step in the right direction becomes a reservoir of hope and motivation. And so it becomes important to keep ourselves pepped about these little achievements in our daily practice of yoga. And so I say, let your daily stance of yoga surprise you!


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