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Kanatal – A bit of Himalayas !

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Imagine yourself  to be found in an unknown land – where there are wide spaces and the eyes can see beyond infinity. There is  chill in the air and the air is as fresh as if just born.   There are tall trees standing on both sides of the curvillicious roads.  Keep walking on these curves,  on your left side you can overlook the valley which shelters as many people that you can probably count them on your finger tips while if you look on your right there is a dense dark endless forest in which no one dares to penetrate, not even the sun. While the valley is a shelter to a handful of people,  the forest is the home to a few leopards, dear, monkeys &  some wild dogs.

Keep walking on the road and witness in front of you – the snow clad Shivalik Ranges of the Himalayas.

The silence of the valley, the intensity of the forests, the bright sun shining over the snow,  the scantiness  of humanness…- can the world get any better?

There is a meditative silence in the air,  the serenity is so calm that you would want to walk aimlessly into the woods.  The charm of Himalayas that never fades away.

If you are a book lover, then you may wish to spend a lifetime here.  A good idea would be to get an accommodation in a homestay, arrange your pile of books in one candle of the room.  Do not  forget to carry the music that is beautiful, the music that matches with the pace of the place.  May be something with a touch of Indian classical beats – slow and steady continuing throughout.

Adding to my fantasies, it would not be strange to find yourself sitting by a small fire by the end of the day, binging on some hukka if you like.  After a while snow flakes would fall over us. Yes,  us!  We would rush to our room in the homestay only to find out there is no electricity. On the hill who would want to  have electricity.  A few candles and some food should be sufficient to survive for  the night.

A warm hug in a noiseless night, the unbreakable silence, and the awareness that we  are breathing in a Himalayan abode.



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