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Made for each other.. Apparently !

The post is about bringing a change in the thought process of taking big decisions in life. It talks about one of the very important decisions in a girl’s life… marriage; Its time we change the way we take such an important decision of our lives. It suggests an innovative way to do so!!

Few days back I was reading a blog post on India hikes website. It talked about why is it important to go on a trek date before taking a marriage decision. I got really excited looking at the title and quite quickly opened the page on my Ipad. As I read the lines, I felt as if the writer has penned down the thoughts of my mind in the most appropriate manner.  For once, I thought someone just hijacked my grey matter, and I even regretted for a while as to why I did not write such a piece even though it was going on in my mind for quite some time.

The article talks about two completely strange people who meet on a coffee table to figure out if they are a suitable match for living their lives together. Well, can you really trust a coffee table conversation to make such a big decision in life? For all you know, all this talking might just be a fluke.

Once you think about it more deeply, you will realize that you need to know a lot more about this person’s habits and lifestyle; in a manner where one cannot fake his real self. A coffee table discussion just cannot guarantee that.  Thankfully, there are means and ways by which you can explore a person and see if that is what you really waited for, all your life.

Trekking is one of those fun and simple ways by which you will come to know not only about this new person but also a new you. Read ( )the article to know how and why!

As for my personal point of view, I totally agree to what the writer says.

But my big question is, in a country like India where marriage is such a high involvement verdict for the parents as well, where marriages have more social issues attached with them than the happiness it brings, is this solution feasible enough? I guess the answer is still a NO.

For any boy or a girl trying to find a suitable match, it will be an audacity to keep such a demand and the parents too will feel that their kid is going berserk. Probably, the kid is still not old enough to get married! No matter how much we try to “Think Global, Act Local”, we still cannot apply it to all the situations of life.

But I believe it is time, there is some change brought in the way life changing processes are carried. We now belong to the world where women demand to be treated at par with their male counterparts. And why not? From corporate ladders to the mountains, many a times they are climbing up at a pace faster than men.

We now live in an era where rationality of the decision is primarily questioned. Gone are those days when people used to match horoscopes to know the feasibility of a suitable match. Today, it is important to know the compatibility with a person in terms of how he or she is in his daily routine, what are the values he or she pertains to in the tasks they do every day. Unfortunately, no horoscope or even a coffee table conversation can take you closer to peek inside a person’s heart.

Not that a trekking date will answer all the important questions of life, but it is surely capable of reducing the chances of a fake representation. It is so because at treks, people find it hard to forge a personality.

Trekking will create moments that are both hard and pleasant. It is precisely in such moments that you want to be with your special someone. But before that, it is equally relevant to figure out if this very one is your special someone.

All said, it appears very easy to present it on paper. But in the real world, would you really take a step as big as this one? Well, if you can gather courage to speak about it, then chances are that you may end up practicing it.

It seems to me that women may find the task of convincing even harder but if they stand up for themselves today they will start their lives with a higher confidence and a higher strength. Freedom and independence is what we all wish for in our lives. Then why not make our decisions in a way that we do not feel burdened for the rest of our lives and stay free.

Every parent believes in his or her child. But there are situations when they need to be convinced about your idea of life. If this is your idea of life, then all it will take is a little conviction.

One day, I hope to see it working for me!


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