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It’s a new found love,

After many unfortunate times, when I had to cancel my reserved ticket in the Duronto Express, this time I finally got a chance. Train journeys are a unique experience each time; though IRCTC does not seem very supportive to let you have one, you would still want to make another one. Following was one of the most fantastic ones.

On a Thursday morning, In Delhi, it was raining;

Delhi-Pune distance seemed to be waning 

 It was already 7th of November;

When I got up from my slumber


Leaving home one last time was no pain;

For I was all set to catch my favorite train


When I stood on the platform bed;

Sound of Horn loudly spread


Colorful coaches looked like a hood;

I hopped onto it as soon as I could


Side lower berth; a view that nothing can beat,

Yes, you are right, that was my seat


Durontos; known for their scheduling paradigm;

This one too left on time


The speed at which it fled;

Surely passengers remained impressed


From source to destination;

It didn’t halt at many stations


When I looked out of the window;

There were cultivated meadows


The fields were green and yellow;

I felt sweet and mellow


It all looked so colorful;

The grains it bore must be so flavorful


While sipping my beverages;

I glanced at some lively villages


And if in a while, you feel a little bore;

Just walk towards the door


Open it, to feel the gush of air;

Keep standing there, as if you don’t care


Right when you plug in the Beatles music into your ears;

Then you will stand there without any fear


But there is another sound;

This is even more profound


On the parallel tracks;

The train lopes without a crack


Just when it passes over the bridge of steel;

Look down and there is nothing that you can feel


All this can blow your mind away;

But this is all that makes it a beautiful day


People before every city are waiting behind  Phaatak n Phaatak;

But we are moving with a thundering Dhaatak n Dhaatak


To gift your eyes a delightful pleasant sight;

Wait on the door till you see the twilight


In between the clouds, the orange flare fades away;

It is now the close of an alluring day


The fascinating journey is coming to an end;

But before that, you make at least one friend


Everyone looks like a stranger initially;

But conversation unites the languages completely


From cricket to weather to food;

These talks can change the mood


The time passes while travelling in an express;

Not even a single moment you will feel depressed


A journey of joy and pleasure;

A memory to always treasure


Fallen in love with the Duronto,

Something I do not want to let go….


7 thoughts on “It’s a new found love,

  1. In between the clouds, the orange flare fades away;
    It is now the close of an alluring day

    These words brought memories of traveling after collage back home.

    well written and many of these brings back lot of memories and able to envision the beautiful journey.

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