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A Walk to Remember

He is a man of knowledge and intellect. His observational skills along with his articulation can leave you thinking for longer than you would know. This piece of my writing is dedicated to him.

It was a road full of pebbles. The path took us up to a hilltop which was above the hill from where we started. But it felt as if we were walking through a gorge. The cliffs on both sides stood tall as we carved our way to “The Great Wall of Symbiosis.” They say, it’s a forbidden road but I am glad I came to know about it only after I came back from there. The grass had grown really tall and the morning dew was still afresh. Our ankles started getting wet while we crossed the grasses; but the serenity of the hilltop and the intensity of our conversation took us to the fore.

“They say, a man does not work a day in his life, if his hobby becomes his profession or his profession becomes his hobby.”

“True, but what you like to do, you may not really be good at it.”

The one thing that you would love to do may not really be the thing that you would do all your life.

“The sense of what is true and what is felt to be true is explored only after it is given a shot.”

“True, infatuation is not the same as love but it must be faced with all our heart into it, to know if our heart was really into it.”

Making the effort in the direction you want to move in, is a great deal in itself. It is an arduous task but not an impossible one. When the inspiration to move in the direction of your dreams peeps inside you, you feel alive.

It is then that the source of drawing the inspiration becomes the reason for your success. You know your dream, you know you have to chase it but what makes you feel trapped today is what is released in you by your inspiration.

At different times in life, I have been mentored in different ways. I firmly believe that the direction a guru can unveil is unseen before.

One of my mentors made me see a path one day. And today while walking on this path, one of my other mentors provoked me to think, if this truly is my path.

There are ways and methods to discover if we really are striking the right chord. Sooner or later, we figure it out, but there goes an effort to reach to the right conclusion.

What or who inspires us, in what way we draw the inspiration is a unique perspective for everyone. The spark that was flashed into my brain today was unique in its own little ways.

An unexpected walk into the greens, an insightful conversation and some real life stories is what touched my heart today.

Thank you professor, for being my inspiration today. This morning walk would always be a walk to remember.


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