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One Fine Morning..

My fifth speech at my toastmasters club, it was fun describing one of the interesting and inspiring experience of my life, it still continues to be inspiring. And I did fulfill the goals of the project..:)


How many of you have ever been to a park? How many of you have ever been to a park early morning?

Ladies & Gentlemen today I am going to share my story with all of you. For me, it all happened on a Wednesday. Yes, in the middle of the week during my vacations post my examinations, when all that I wanted to do in this hiemal weather was to never get out of my quilt. My mother, who consistently tried on to the erroneous task of waking me up failed a thousand times. But somehow, she never gave up until one day I decided to listen to what she had to say, to see what she wanted to show me and to experience what I had never done before. On the previous night, I decided to put my cell phone on the silent mode, missed my late night saas bahu sagas for that very night, put an alarm for as early as 6.30 in the morning and went into my bed at as early as 11 O’clock in the night. The best part of sleeping inside a quilt is that I soon get into a deep slumber with not even an iota of disturbance buzzing around me. But then, what happened next? In no time, I heard my alarm clock buzzing strongly over my head and I couldn’t believe that it was morning already. Oh God, the difficult life was just about to start. Within a second or so, I was in a dilemma, whether to get up or just drop the idea. But, how could I forget that on the other side of the bed was standing my mom. Yes, ready to take off my quilt. And the worst moment had already arrived. I felt as if an army soldier who was comfortably posted in his hometown is suddenly posted to a warzone in Kashmir. Yes, going on a morning walk was no less than going on a war for a lazy butt like me.




And then I was reminded of the golden words once said by Salman Khan – “Once that I have made the commitment, then I won’t even listen to my own self”.



I kicked off the quilt, zipped up my jacket, put on my shoes and went to a nearby park.




When I entered from the gate, I decided to walk on the track first and so, I took a left from there itself. The weather was chilly but there

were other people like me who had come out of their beds to enjoy this chill.




As I kept walking slowly & gradually, I looked at the green trees and the birds sitting on them singing the morning hymns. The morning was quite peaceful with only birds humming their melodies. I was almost lost into their music when suddenly a whole group of humans approaching me from behind came close to me while walking on the track and there was a huge explosion – Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha. Oh!! I was almost scared to death and could not understand their concept for a long time. Only when I saw them doing it repeatedly, I realized that this was some form of exercise. On walking a little further, I saw another woman who was busy enchanting the name of God – Ram Ram 13, Ram Ram 14, Ram Ram 15. All she wanted to do was remember her God which according to her was bringing in some positive energy to the environment. And then came across me a middle aged man who was busy greeting the morning to everyone who was there, walking on the track. Probably he had his own ways to make the morning look beautiful. After completing a few rounds on the track, I sat on a bench, from where I started to analyze every single activity that had been taking place. Looking at those people, I realized that each one of them had something to exchange with this peaceful & energetic environment. Someone wanted to take in fresh air, others were working to take in more positivity and some others were just there to enjoy a game or two of badminton.




The whole environment seems to be calm and quite in the morning. The cool fresh air inhaled in the morning can bring the feeling of activeness and happiness. What can be more soothing to the eyes than the lush green parks, early in the morning.



Had we been living in a small town or a city we would have gone for a walk into the fields or on the bank of canal to take a stroll. Where the farmers would have been busy ploughing the field or seen children enjoying in the tube wells. Unfortunately, city life can not offer such a life. Nevertheless, in a big city like our own Delhi, the whispering sound of green leaves, the dew drops on the edges of grass, the soft rays of rising sun still present a beautiful and healthy sight.




To add on to the lessons learnt, when I returned home after this recreation and refreshment, my mother elaborated on all the health benefits of rising up early morning. Although, even now it takes an extra effort to make that single move of getting up, I still try to make it a regular feature of my daily life. The kind of pleasure that I receive each time I go into those greens is never ending. I enjoy it through and through. I always strive for more than what I already get from it.



Sometimes, I visit the hills to cherish a long walk down the countryside. By getting up early morning, almost quarter to five this time, I take up a quick brush and face wash, pack some snacks and water in a backpack don the trackpants and out I go for a full four hours of strolling through nature’s beauty. When the break of dawn is still an hour away and just outside the city limits, one is mesmerized by cuckoo’s notes, the summer is on, and the trees are full of fruits. The first ray of light glimmer and shine across the landscape, a fine vista of cries crossing fields open up, dotted by small hills at some distance. The passing vehicles zoom in and zoom out once on those curves. The momentum has now set in and the legs appear to walk effortlessly.



And right there when the empty stomach demands attention, quick snacks and water does the trick. A journey that ends with a great amount of positive energy, connecting us to the surroundings and making us one with the nature is rightly called the morning walk. Feeling in the lap of mother nature, what more can one ask for. So before, the time is gone, make sure that you have enjoyed every bit of it possible.


4 thoughts on “One Fine Morning..

  1. I have to admit that it must be good to go for a morning walk but in some places you can not just go by the clock because in summers its fully sunny by 4.30 am and in winters its night at 8.30 am with temperature of about -5 to -15 degrees. But you keep it up!

  2. Few things are very good.

    a. Presentation is good, and I guess this speech was well appreciated by the crowd.
    b. And doing Toastmasters in college days is excellent as we do this now for people with 5 to 10+ years of industry experience.
    c. The way you looked around and noticed about birds, people and nature is nice.
    d. Its inspiring to do morning walk 

    I guess you are still doing morning walk.

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