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The Fear Of The Unknown

My fourth speech at toastmasters was about the challenges in life that can gradually change into fears, it is important to go beyond these fears, and make life bigger and better, in our minds...



Once upon a time, there was a ghost.  This ghost is actually an unavoidable, inescapable, inevitable creature which has occurred in almost everyone’s life since their childhood.  But there was something strange about it.  It appeared scary to some and friendly to others.  To me, it was always scary, it was ghastly.  I never liked it and I always wanted to stay away from it.  Its name was ‘Mathematics’.
As I said, life was unimaginable without its presence.  In whatever form it came closer to me, be it Algebra, or geometry, mensuration or trigonometry, I was not able to befriend it.  My equation with mathematics always remained unsolved.  The fear of mathematics always found a room to groom inside me.  I was never able to figure out its height or radius or circumference.
The only thing that I was able to figure out in later stages of life was that I was always scared of Mathematics because I never knew it.  It was the “fear of the unknown” which did not let me discover the sines and cosines of the angles and the lines and I had great difficulty in measuring the areas and the circumference of the park and its fence.
Ladies & Gentlemen, today, I only want to unveil the full form of
FEAR –False Evidence Against Real.  And that the real is something else.  That the real is yet to be discovered.  And to discover the real, what is it that one has to do?  One has to actually come out of the comfort zone, make the grey matter aware about the unknown, so that it soon becomes known.
If I had to define fear in simple words, I would say that fear is the faith that it won’t work out. There is a fear of not doing a question in mathematics, believing that it won’t be solved.  There is a fear of not sitting in the roller coaster, thinking that it might take our breath away.  There is a fear of not speaking in front of a gathering, guessing they might not like what we are saying.
It is all because we are the ones giving fear a leg to stand on.  If something remains unknown to us, there is a human tendency attached to it, that we start fearing it.  And once we start avoiding facing it, the fear becomes all the more huge.  Also, to fear is one thing, but to let fear grab you by the tail and swing you around is another.
If one is suffering from Nyctophobia (i.e. the fear of the darkness) then probably it is not unknown to him, but he certainly needs to face it.
If one is suffering from Demophobia (i.e. the fear of people), then he needs to stand in front of them, and what can be more challenging than this to him?
And there are some who even fear their own dreams.  You block your own dreams when you allow your fear to grow bigger than your faith.   As I said earlier, fear is the faith that it won’t work out.  And so to be fearless about our dreams, we need to really know them, we need to bring them out of the category of the unknown; we need to stop having False Evidence Against Real. And the only real will be our dream.
I have learnt over the years that if one’s mind is made up this diminishes fear.
The one permanent emotion of man is fear – the fear of the unknown, the complex, the inexplicable.  And the one who fears life is already three parts dead.
So, it is mandatory to overcome those barriers break those mental shackles to come out of dark, enclosed, tiny box of fear, to feel the experience of something that has never happened before.
Its now time you recognize your fear, and get free from it.. 🙂

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