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Stay Healthy Stay Happy

We need some time to sit back in this maddening life and see why it is important to give priority to the health aspect of our life. My 3rd speech at toastmasters was all about how being healthy is important to keep us happy.

A few months back, I was in a jinx.  Can there be any reason for any of us to drop our final semester exams? Well, the time was almost there when I was just about to step out of my college into a new world.  However, it has not happened till date.  The sole reason for not taking those exams, was not intentional, but was unavoidable.  I was not healthy; I was battling against Jaundice in the hospital.  I was jinxed because I desperately wanted to rush to my college. Never before in my life, had I had a strong urge to take my exams but at that very moment my priority changed to something else.  First & foremost, it was important to be fit enough.

Ladies & Gentlemen, today my only purpose of standing here in front of you would be to call upon the fact that “Health is Wealth”.  That nothing else on this earth can ever be prioritized more than our own health.

Health can be defined as a state of complete physical, mental and social well being and not merely the absence of diseases.  In humans particularly, it is the general condition of a person in the mind, body and spirit, which is free from illness, injury or pain.We all know it, it is just a revision of thought that I am doing today, but on a very sincere note, how many of us really think about it.

There is not even a single person today, who does not fall short of time; there is so much to do, so much so that each one of us is rushing.  Running with a great speed but in no direction.  And in this race of life, we are left with no time for ourselves.  It takes no time for us to change our priorities to escape from our prime needs, something that we Dilliwallahs especially love to hate, being healthy and fit.

And what is that one thing that we blame in a jiffy?  Our lifestyle, well of course, but aren’t we the sole proprietors of creating such a lifestyle?  It is easiest for us to forget that if we cannot take care of ourselves, how can we ever take care of others?  God has made us like that, that none of us can

deny the importance of being healthy.  Our body is our greatest gift, we have to and we must value it.

And why do you think it is important for us to give so much of attention to this clause of life?  Because it is only a healthy lifestyle that can change our view point towards our own self and the world around.  A healthy mind automatically starts to attract optimism and the world starts appearing beautiful.

If fitness came in a bottle, everybody would have had a great body.  Unfortunately it doesn’t.  Even then it has become very easy to suffice this very thought.  Once we are psychologically satisfied with whom we are, we stop making efforts.  I remember a friend of mine who is a dietician in the States, once told me how people are satisfied with their own effortless thoughts.  They say, “Now there are more overweight people in America than the average weight people.  So now overweight people are the average which means they have met their New Year resolution”.  Now where does that lead us to?

Specifically, what is the biggest advantage that a healthy body and mind can offer to us?  It is our health that can make us feel on the top of the world.  The first symptom of being healthy is being happy.  It’s a vicious circle, health leads to happiness and happiness is what will make you healthy.  Happiness as you know is nothing more than a good health and a bad memory.  The irony is that health is not valued till sickness comes.  Although, it is amazing to see how crisper the general experience of life becomes when our body is given a chance to develop a little strength.

So, now I believe, it is the right time to take that one step forward, a simple step to self happiness.  Prioritize once again and this time, set them right.  Make your own recovery the first duty towards yourself.

To be healthy and fit is not something unattainable or unrealistic; first and foremost, it should be unavoidable, because there might come a day when we would be thinking.  ‘If I knew I was going to live this long, I would have taken care of myself.

stay healthy stay happy:)


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