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Toastmaster Project 1

This was my first speech at my toastmasters club and my first blog post too. It is just one of the ways for my readers to know me better. Hope you enjoy reading it. Its titled “The Journey So Far..”

Once upon a time, though not a very long time back, there came a chilly winter morning in the month of January, the doctors of St. Stephen’s Hospital told my mother to get admitted as the D-day was about to approach.  The climax of the story was about to make its existence.  She at the same time was full of all sorts of emotions – nervous, excited, frightened and what not!.  Not only was she contained with these emotions but she also passed them on to my father.  After all, it was a first time experience for both of them.  But with God’s grace everything went well and on a shivery Saturday evening, the 6th of January they were gifted with a baby girl.  She was later named as Vrinda and is right now standing in front of you.  Hello once again (with a smile). 

By now everyone would have guessed that I was born and bred in Delhi. My childhood has been majorly influenced by my grandparents who took great care of me when both my parents went to their respective work places, and they have taught me to be a good human being.  As soon as I attained the age of five, I was sent to a school which was so near to my home, that even the ringing of bell was heard back home.   My grandfather daily held my hand to drop me in the morning and was present in the afternoon as well to carry my bag when I was extremely tired.  Grandmother at home was ever ready with loads of paranthas & yogurt to feed me.  And this used to be the most wonderful time of the day when I just had to eat and sleep.  Evenings were spent with parents and that is how almost every day was scheduled.  Soon when my little brother came into existence, there were only a few alterations in the daily chores.  The only thing that I can remember is that I now had an extra work of fighting with him and bullying him as well.  With time this activity became an indispensable part of life and is still lived the same way.  The summer vacations used to be very fun filled as my parents ensured at least one holiday for us most of the time to the hills and it was also the time to get together with cousins and the extended family.  The school life went on and on with my father being my greatest teacher who taught me virtually everything from moral values to the laws of motion in physics.

 My life came out with a surprise when I was in the  grade 9 and I did the first ever trek in my life.  Trekking in the Western Ghats in Goa was the most memorable moment of my life.  Making new friends, travelling in the jungles, meeting new people from all over the country, these activities since then have always created an interest in me.  It was because of this trek that I discovered my passion for travelling.  When I entered my  Grade 10, I was given a chance to visit France as a part of School Exchange Program.  My parents supported me and there I was in France, for 15 long days.  Another beautiful time of life.  I was the first person of my family to make a foreign trip and that made me very proud at that time.

 Then came the dreaded two years of my life, the last two years at school.  I myself wondered why I opted for science, but that had now become my fate and was to be accepted.  These two years were definitely like a sinusoidal graph with a crest & trough in my grades.  Though Mathematics was one subject which I have always abhorred and so its graph only showed troughs.  I also realized in these two years that I am a very indecisive person could not decide on what was to be done next. 

After school, I took admission in the prestigious Delhi University but due to my parents will, I soon shifted to an Engineering College.  Engineering was never my passion and I did not have the slightest of idea that the next four years were going to be so torturous.  The college being located in the country side never looked like one.  Moreover the people of this monster land behaved as if we were still in school.  But with time everything started to seem normal.  Making good friends there was an important thing to do as they were the only ones who could lesser your pain of spending the whole day there.  But since, it was a college, so it was ought to teach us something and evolve us into a new human being.  The annual festival used to be the most awaited event and there I got a chance to remove my stage fear.  I anchored almost every show that took place in the 4 years of my college life.

  Apart from it, travelling & trekking became very usual and frequent.  Almost every quarter of a year, I was out for a trip, Trek to Valley of Flowers & Trek to North East, Mizoram made me meet some very interesting people I know today.  It feels great and awesome to have such friends now.  College ultimately sounds good thinking of those 4 years of free time.

  For these 15 years of my student life.  I have been taking exams and exams and exams, never missing out even on a single one, whether it was a class test in school or an internal exam in college.   And now it was time for me to appear for the last time ever for the exams as I was too sure I will be entering into a new phase of life.  Destiny had something else in store and I could not take my final semester exams due to some health issues.   Depression had almost taken its toll on me but an optimistic thought of studying further instilled in me by my parents brought me back to my happy life. 

The journey so far has been extremely beautiful due to the presence of people we like to be with.  No one knows what lies in the future, but I am hoping that my student life does not end soon.  Because it is in this life that we get a chance to do things that we really want to, like being a part of this set up right now.Thank you.

I will always remember the standing ovation that was given to me on my first speech. 


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